Terms of use

  1. Area of Application

    The services provided by GMS mbH conform exclusively to these terms of use. The user accepts the application of these terms of use during his registration on the GMS-Platform. GMS mbH is entitled to change and/or amend these terms of use at any time. GMS mbH will inform the users of such changes and/or amendments by way of posting an appropriate note on the GMS-Platform, such as, e.g. in the News area or with a notation directly in the terms of use.

  2. Subject-Matter of the Contract and Description of Services

    The services provided by GMS mbH comprise, among others, the possibility for the registered user to download and utilize the material data for commercial use. The registered users can also create their own profile here and add information on themselves. GMS mbH grants the user a simple, non-exclusive right of use to utilize the services provided on the GMS-Platform. The right to use the services ends with the termination of the contractual relationship. Rights of use on material data that were purchased for a certain period of time will not be affected and remain active until its expiration. The basic offer is free of charge; the use of the GMS-Platform however will be invoiced to the user.

  3. Registration, Use

    The services provided by GMS mbH can be used in its entirety as soon as the user has registered on the GMS-Platform by filling out the registration form. With the registration on the GMS-Platform the user accepts these terms of use to be strictly binding for him. The terms of use of GMS mbH apply exclusively for the use of the services. The user promises to keep the passwords used for accessing the services of GMS mbH strictly confidential and to inform GMS mbH immediately should he become aware that an unauthorized third party has learned the password. Should, by default of the user, third parties become aware of passwords and make use of the services provided by GMS mbH, then the user will be liable for any and all damages incurred to GMS mbH as a result of this disclosure.

  4. Rights of Use

    GMS mbH transfers to the user an unlimited right of use to the material-SDK and the basic data provided by GMS mbH. The basic data as well as the temporarily acquired, updated material data are for commercial use only. The SDK can be integrated into the user's own programs and distributed without restrictions. Material data that extend beyond the basic data can be acquired by the user and used unrestrictedly for the purchased period. Upgraded material data that are passed on to their own customers must be registered and purchased by the distributor or by the customer himself.

  5. Availability and Liability

    GMS mbH does not furnish a garantee or warranty for the content and availability of the GMS-Platform. Warranty and claims for damages against GMS mbH are excluded. GMS mbH can limit access to their Internet platform if that becomes necessary for maintenance or repair purposes or for other kind of work.

  6. Data Protection

    Please refer to our data protection regulations. The data protection regulations form an integral part of the terms of use.

  7. General Information

    These terms of use and the entire legal relationship between the user and GMS mbH are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Should individual provisions of these terms of use be or become invalid or incomplete, the validity of the remaining terms of use shall remain unaffected. Place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

Status: 09.02.2012