MATILDA is a collection of products for the simulation of material behavior in forming processes, and during thermal treatments.

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Matilda is installable desktop programs. It includes a database for management of flow curves, heat-physical characteristics, TTT diagrams, comprehensive sets of parameters for the structure with an extensive simulation and visualization and analysis functionality. You can record your own material and manage records.


is a web application based on Microsoft Silverlight. Matilda-Online offers a complete range of Matilda-Local and access to GMS-reference database, excluding the possibility of changing data. Here you can find out which material data in the database are available. Detailed information can be displayed only on the basis of the materials, or to all purchased materials.


Matilda the Software Development Kit (SDK Matilda) offers the possibility the material database Matilda to integrate into third party applications. The SDK can be used to supply material data of process computers or as extension together with simulation systems. It is modular and is continually being developed.

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